How do we determine the great price we offer?

SIMPLE: We let our clients act as their own wedding planners.

We know who our competition is, and what they charge. There are often charges for every incidental change. Many charge the client for the “day before” decorating time, which we do not. It’s part of your total cost at the Wolf Creek Retreat.

Some venues act as the Wedding Coordinator/Planner as well. Wedding coordinators/planners make arrangements for the caterers, florist, decorations, seating arrangements, DJ, and all the various elements that having a wedding requires.

At the Wolf Creek Retreat, we believe our clients are savvy enough to do their own planning. By eliminating a wedding planner, any cost-conscious bride and groom can save thousands of dollars!

That’s how we are able to charge the low price that we do and pass it along to the bride and groom. We believe that starting you life together is expensive enough without spending thousands and thousands of dollars for a 4 or 5 hour wedding.

At the Wolf Creek Retreat, we plan for you to have a BEAUTIFUL wedding at half the cost of the competition!




$2499.00 - ONE DAY EVENT 11-11

$3249.00 - INCLUDES 5 HR FRIDAY SETUP 12-5

($500 booking fee holds the date and is applied towards the balance)




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