Frequently Asked Questions


Where is The Wolf Creek Retreat?

The Wolf Creek retreat is located just 12 miles west of Dayton, Ohio - about a 20 minute drive.

What services does the rental fee include?

The rental fee includes a 40’ x 60’ upscale barn pavilion  with a concrete floor (situated right next to the cooling breezes of Elm Lake), tables and chairs for up to 200 people (1000 lb. capacity slatted seat resin chairs), indoor and outdoor lighting, venue from 1:00 to 10:00, clean-up, Host Liquor Liability Insurance. We in additional co-ordinate the delivery and arrival of the DJ, Florists, caterers, cake, and other deliveries. We utilize 20 - 60” tables, 8 – 8’ tables, and a 48” sweetheart table for the bride and groom. We recommend that rehearsals are carried out on the days of the wedding when all your attendants and family are at the venue already. You can make arrangements for a separate rehearsal on another day for $150 for an hour or any part of an hour.

Can I add hours if I need more time?

Yes, you can buy extra hours if you need more time. The cost is $150 per hour or any portion thereof. Hours excluded are the 10:00 P.M. ending time.

Do we have to use certain vendors?

No, you can use any vendors you wish. We do have some recommendations on our web page for our clients looking for vendors.

Is the rental fee cheaper if we don’t book a Saturday night? If you book a Friday or Sunday night we can negotiate a lower rate.

Are other events scheduled on the same day? There are never other events scheduled on your wedding day – we are completely devoted to the success of your event.

What is your alcohol policy?

In the State of Ohio, as long as you are not charging for alcohol, and the event is private, there is no need for a license. We ask that alcohol service ends at 10:00.

Are your Insurance certificates up to date?

We will be happy to share our insurance coverage with our clients. As well, when you rent the Wolf Creek Retreat, you will be additionally covered by Host Liquor Liability Coverage – at no charge! This policy also covers you for accidents and losses during your event.

Are there adequate restroom facilities?

We have two indoor restrooms with running water and station lavatories, and two outdoor cabanas with camping toilets.

Can you accommodate physically challenged guests? Although we are not required by the State of Ohio to be handicap-accessible (due to the fact that we have fewer than 15 employees), we do have handicapped parking close to the facility and ramps on the bridge for wheelchair guests. Toilets and 40’ x 60’ shelter are all at ground level. You are welcome to rent additional facilities from an outside vendor if you wish.

Are there any restrictions we need to know about? As we are an outdoor facility, we have to be sensitive to the fact that music travels up to two miles, especially at night. We ask that any DJ services play music in a fashion so that guests at the corners of the facility can actually hear each other and carry on a conversation.

What is your payment and cancellation policy? Upon signing, you will be asked to provide a non-refundable deposit of $500.00 which will be applied towards the balance.  The final balance is due 180 days before the event.




$2499.00 - ONE DAY EVENT 11-11

May through August

$2799 - ONE DAY EVENT 11-11

September through October






($500 booking fee holds the date and is applied towards the balance)




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