Elm Lake has participated in the Ohio Forestry program for decades. We have landowner objectives to maintain and improve the health of productivity of our woodland. We are committed to enhance and maintain the aesthetic, wildlife, and recreational value of the property for the future. We commit to grow tree species which will provide products for sale.

We select and manage tree species best suited to our soil and site capacity. And finally, we commit to leave our woodland in a better condition than received for future generations. The woodland portion of this property consists of 2 main soil types: Miamian silt loam and Ross silt loam. The management recommendations from our consulting forester includes applying control techniques to the invasive honeysuckle, and cutting and treating the invasive grapevines. We will be doing an aggressive replanting after our 2017 timber harvest utilizing black walnut, oak and cherry. In 2018, hardwood tree seedlings were planted on 23 acres to include: White Oak, Hickory, and Walnut. In addition, a few dozen pines were added for their grace: Norway Spruce and White Pine. We will continue to add seedlings every years to renew the forest for the future.